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Our Activities


Welcome to the world's biggest treasure hunt! Join Aunt Jax and Andy for some geocaching fun!


Bugs are everywhere! Discover how you can find them!


Plants grow all over the world - discover them in your world!


Stars twinkle in the sky every night. Discover their names and much more!


Rocks are as old as the Earth. These are solid activities!


Birds get to explore the world from above. Discover how!


Knots keep things together! Create and build your own!


Butterflies flutter around with dazzling colours! Discover them all!


Fish swim in places we can only dream of visiting! Splish Splash!


Flowers are blooming in your backyard. Discover their uniqueness!


Frogs are as old as dinosaurs! Discover why that is.

Animal Tracks

Discover what animals are in your area by knowing their tracks!

Tall Trees

Trees are good for more than just climbing. Discover why their so great!

Frogs Nature Talks - "Frogs" Episode 1: This is your chance to hear Nature’s voice. This episode, we talk to Francois the Frog – an amphibian with a lot to say and a wit that’ll make you giggle!

Photo Contest

WIN! send us yoursSend us your best outdoor images to win big AndyCamper prizes! Check out this month’s contest!

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AndyCamper has dozens of easy step-by-step activities to watch and read! Try them!

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